History Vespa PX

History of Vespa PX by Piaggio Group

The Vespa PX was first presented in 1977 in Milan as the nuova linea model (new line). The Vespa was built with two drum brakes, a single-cylinder engine (aluminum head) and a steel chassis, but has been improved with a new front suspension and a revised rear axle for more stability. It was distributed as Vespa P 125 X and as Vespa P 200 E with an electronic ignition (E for Elettronica) and since 1978 as Vespa P 150 X. The PX 80 appeared in 1981.

This electronic ignition was introduced to the other models, which then were called Vespa PX 125 and Vespa PX 150 E, and in 1982 the Vespa P 200 E was called Vespa PX 200 E. In 1983, the Arcobaleno series was introduced (marketed outside of Italy as the Lusso series) with technological innovations such as separate lubrication and fuel gauges. In addition, the front brake pads were made to be self-centering, the wiring was altered for ease of maintenance, the same key was now used for the ignition and the steering lock, and several minor adjustments were made to the body. These included increasing the size of the glovebox, increasing the size of the mudguard, and a new horn grille.

The first of Vespa PX 150 MK1 is produced without the turn signals, all Vespa PX that has no turn signals are known in Indonesia as Vespa PX Banci


Vespa T5 125 (PX)

In 1985 a sporty variant hit the market: The Vespa T5 Pole Position with almost 12 hp. In 1992, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Vespa, a scooter was offered with the T5 engine and the PX style body. This was marketed as the Vespa PX 125 T5 Classic.

Dan Motor Vespa from Indonesia

vespa excel 150

Vespa Excel 150 – 200

In Indonesia, Piaggio Vespa produced the Vespa Excel by PT Dan Motor that is similar to the T5 with 150cc and 200cc engine.

Vespa Exclusive

There is also the Vespa Exclusive version from the PX 150 with rectangle headlamp and separate seats for rider and passenger

LML Vespa & Bajaj Vespa from India

In 1986, Piaggio began a joint venture with LML (Lohia Machinery Limited) in Kanpur , India to manufacture and sell the Vespa PX model to the Indian market and exported to USA and other countries.  Stella (known by different names in different countries) is a model of a vintage-style motor scooter imported into the United States by Chicago-based Genuine Scooters since 2003 and manufactured by Lohia Machinery Limited in Kanpur , India. Piaggio also onced licensed the Vespa PX design to India motor manufacturer Bajaj, producing the Vespa style Bajaj Chetak “Vespa”. These are the reasons why some people still thinks that Vespa are produced in India until today. LML also onced given license to produce the intial Vespa A1 that has the logo LML Vespa

More pictures and Read more about LML Stella Vespa , the LML Star Vespa and the Bajaj Chetak Vespa

Vespa New PX 200 Millennium (2003)

The Vespa New PX is also known as the Vespa PX Millennium was introduced in 2003

( Vespa P125X 30th anniversary Ultima Series )

In 2007, the production of the Vespa PX was stopped and the last were sold as Ultima Series (last series), a limited edition with a windshield, a luggage carrier in chrome and chrome wheels with whitewall tires.

vespa px 2011

( VESPA PX 125 ANNIVERSARIO UNITÀ D’ITALIA Limited edition 1861 – 2011 )

In 2010, the Vespa PX returned with a catalytic converter added to the two-stroke engine to meet the Euro 3 emission standards.

( Vespa PX 150 70th Anniversary )

As of August 2016, the Vespa PX production has stopped in Italy as the PX has finally been defeated by the upcoming Euro 4 regulations. A final runout model called the 70th anniversary has been produced and when the stock is gone that will be the end of the road for the 2 stroke PX. Given the importance of the PX, the final model is slightly disappointing as only the paint and seat differentiate it from the standard PX ZAPM74200 introduced in 2011. The future of the PX is uncertain; but one thing is certain, the PX in 2 stroke configuration has now entered the history books. See more of the Vespa PX 150 70th Anniversary

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