MotoVespa TX 200

Spanish Motovespa are slightly different to the Italian brothers and sisters.
Recently interest has grown for the excellent Motovespa (Spanish Built) Vespa T5 and TX 200 Models.

The Motovespa T5 is 99% identical to Piaggio Vespa T5 apart from the following small details. No Spanish T5 was ever fitted with the flush wheel trims. Also the T5 seat clearly states motovespa on the side the horncast badge also carries the motovespa logo. For some reason the seat locking catch is also different.

As with all spanish motorcycles lights are on at all times. The speedo is always in Kms.
On the engine side panel only is a unique Foil SPORT sticker beside the T5 plastic panel badge. The TX models have a rectangle sticker saying 200 in bright red on a matt black backing.

All Motovespa are fitted with a spare wheel as new. Engines are the best part of the scooter with 99% having no oil injection making tuning much easier. Colours are mainly red White and rather unusual Black. Finally the rarest T5 of all is the T5 Elestart of which only 800 Mark 1 and 1000 mark 2 were built. These machines also included the oil injection of Italian machines with a rather nice Toolbox door logo i think left over from the original Vespa PK elestarts. Colours include red and i have a white one which is the only one i have seen. Many T5 & TX models have various pin stripes splashed all over the front of the headset and sidepanels.

At the same time Motovespa fitted the standard 200 cc engine to the Vespa T5 chassis to create the TX 200 these were also marketed as the Vespa GS 200 i think for the German and Swiss market. They are identical in appearance to the T5 with the same colour schemes apart from Silver which i have only seen once in the flesh as well a original brochure I have in my collection.

The TX was available in both normal (without oil injection) and elestart again with oil injection as standard. By this time all electrics were mainly Ducati as per Italian models only a small amount of machines were fitted with Spanish built Motoplat flywheels but still using Ducati stators and CDI boxes..

The TX machines make a refreshing change to the Normal PX which ran alongside the T5 AND TX models during 1987 to 1993.


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