Vespa Colours

Welcome to the gallery of the colourful world of Vespa

Here are the list of links to browse the colors of Vespa so you know which color to repaint as a guide for your Vespa PX series restoration.

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bicolorvespa blackvespa bluevespa bronzevespa brownvespa chromevespa classicvespa customvespa goldvespa greenvespa greyvespa ladyscoot maroonvespa modifiedvespa orangevespa purplevespa redvespa scootergirl sespan sidecar silvervespa steelvespa vespaaccesories vespaaccessories vespacaferacer vespaclassic vespacustom vespaexcel vespafeature vespagirl vespamatic vespamods vespaphotography vespaphotos vespapx vespapx200 vespapxnet vesparacer vesparacing vespasettantesimo vespasidecar vespat5 vespavelg whitevespa yellowvespa