Vespa Spartan P200XE

Vespa P200XE is known as Vespa Spartan

Vespa Spartan is one of the PX series family from Piaggio Vespa, one of the most desired scooter from Italy during its time since it is powered with 200cc engine.


Along with its family of Vespa PX, the Vespa Spartan was first produced in 1977 with the code VSX1T. With improvements, the Vespa P200X soon get electric starter hence become P200XE. In time, Piaggio renamed everything to PX 200 and by this time, all PX already has electronic ignition.


You will find the badges of the Spartan and P200XE on the seats and front


Here is the specifications for Vespa P200XE:

vespa spartan p200xe specifications

Here is a modified custom version of the Vespa Spartan P200XE


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